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First established in 2012 to support local coworking operators, Coworking Canada now serves the larger coworking movement. 

Coworking Canada provides guidance, programming, resources and support for all collaborative organizations and co-operative communities, who are working together to make work – and the world – a better place.

At the annual Unconference we invite the world to join us as we share coworking ideas and resources from coast to coast to coast.

It’s a unique opportunity to gather together, to explore collaborative intersections, opportunities, and the complexity of an evolving movement.  It’s also where we meet other coworking peers, partners, and community organizers.

As an organization;

We value collaboration over competition,

We recognize all the work done before and for us across the lands colonially known as ‘Canada’, particularly the essential work and knowledge shared by Indigenous Peoples, 

We believe in creating opportunities to share the collective knowledge and experiences we all have,

We strive to achieve the global core values of coworking, and to improve Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in the coworking movement,

We believe in a Just Recovery for All,

We believe the experience of ‘work’ can and should be better for everyone, and

Collectively, we are shaping the way we work in Canada.

Upcoming events

Coworking Canada Unconference 2022

October 12th, 2022

9:00am – 1:00pm (Pacific Time)

12:00pm – 4:00pm (Eastern Time)

Location: Zoom

As remote work (FINALLY!) becomes more mainstream, the coworking industry has become more essential than ever before.

The knowledge, experience, and expertise we’ve built within the coworking movement over the past 20 years is now leading and shaping work around the world.

At this year’s Unconference, we’ll spark new ideas and learn from each other, as well as International industry experts. Together we will share resources, provide guidance, and help you to create effective strategies for navigating the new work landscape.

After hearing from a fantastic lineup of keynote speakers, you’ll have the opportunity to design your own Unconference experience. Choose the group discussions that are most relevant to your organization, so you can participate in the most impactful sessions.

This event is international, and all are welcome! You do not need to be a member of the Coworking Canada collective to attend. 

If you’re interested in coworking, collaborative spaces, creative and cultural spaces, collaborating, strengthening your community, mutual aid,  communal care, this new work landscape, entrepreneurship hybrid work, supporting local businesses, making meaningful human connections, and shaping the future of work –  please join us at the Coworking Canada Unconference! 



Unconference agenda

Speakers &

Denise Brouder

Denise Brouder

Founder + Head of Data & Insights

Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy

Founder & Consultant

Kuwahs^nahawi Enterprises
Sam Rosen

Sam Rosen

Co-Founder & CEO

Madeline Jarchow

Madeline Jarchow

Workspace Partnerships Manager


Agenda Highlights

12:00pm     Welcome & Land Acknowledgement
12:15pm      Amanda Kennedy – Kuwahs^nahawi Enterprises

Collaborative Indigenous Practices and Principles

12:30pm       Ashley Proctor – Coworking Canada
12:45pm      Denise Brouder – SWAY

Hybrid Work and the reorganization of labour, power, and resources 

1:00pm        Vinod Rajasekaran – Future of Good

Fragile future: Building narrative power for lasting societal change

1:30pm        Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware – Black Lives Matter – Canada

Planting Seeds: The Transformative Potential of Our Work

1:45pm        BIO BREAK
1:50pm        Sam Rosen & Madeline Jarchow – Deskpass

Coworking opportunities in the new work landscape

2:20pm       UNCONFERENCE SESSIONS – Round #1

Choose your own adventure! 

3:00pm       Lightning Recap

Key Takeaways and Action Items

3:10pm        UNCONFERENCE SESSIONS – Round #2

Choose your own adventure!

3:45pm       Lightning Recap 

Key Takeaways and Action Items

4:00pm       Social (Optional)

Join a local Coworking Canada social event in person, or stay online with us to unwind! 



  • Creative, Cultural & Collaborative Spaces
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Working with the Government, Educational Institutions, & Economic Development Offices
  • Technology and Timesavers to help run your space
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Strategies
  • Hybrid, Asynchronous, and Remote Work Solutions
  • Mental Health Support for Remote Workers
  • Community Land Trusts and other co-operative models
  • Strength in Numbers: Unions, Alliances, and Collectives
  • Revisiting the Coworking Values and Manifesto
  • Ethical Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • And whatever is on your mind



A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Coworking IDEA Project.

Sponsors & Partners

It takes a dedicated team of value-aligned sponsors, partners, collaborators & volunteers to keep the coworking movement and it’s collectives thriving. Thank you for all the work you do to support Coworking in Canada 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to be ‘Canadian’ to participate in the Unconference? Is this event only for members?

A:  No – all are welcome!

This event is produced for an international audience, and we expect attendees to join us from across Turtle Island, the lands colonially known as ‘Canada’, The United States, The United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and many other places around the world. We aim to learn together and from each other.


Q:  Where is the event taking place?

A:  The Coworking Canada Unconference will be held online in 2022, using the zoom platform.

Q:  When is the event taking place?

A:  The Coworking Canada Unconference will begin promptly on October 12th, 2022 at:

9:00 AM Pacific 

12:00 PM Eastern

5:00 PM UK

6:00 PM CET

Q:  Where do I get tickets?


Q:  Will the event be recorded?

A:  All ticket-holders will receive access to the event recording one week following the Unconference. Please Note – many of the Unconference Sessions will not be recorded as they will be private discussions, available only to attendees.  

Q:  I may require accommodations to participate in this event effectively. Can you assist?

A:  Absolutely. We want this event to be accessible for everyone.

When you register, let us know if you require Live Captioning, an ASL Translator, or how else we can best support your Unconference experience. 

Q:  Is there a Code of Conduct?

A:  Yes. You can find it HERE

Do you still have questions?

Please contact us – we’d be happy to help!

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